", "This also is terrible and absolutely worthless. On long trips it freezes while suing GPS which can potentially lead to getting lost using it", "At random, the display screen freezes, no controls work, and usually within a couple of minutes the whole radio/in-dash system reboots", "Screen freezes and then reboots losing some settings", "Happens when I am trying to pair up a phone and/or display the contact list from the phone. Replaced under warranty. My previous car an ACURA MDX 2002 had possibility of 3 CDs at a time, now only one on the Toyota. ", "check engine light came on after a long trip". ALL 4 power door lock actuators failed, 1 by 1 just outside the warranty. software update seems to have resolved the problem", "Primitive functions at best. There was not cost to me. Find specifications for every 2014 Toyota Highlander: gas mileage, engine, performance, warranty, equipment and more. Supremely annoying. Refastened by dealer only to reoccur and then break", "Have had the coin box latch break after a couple of uses. We heartily recommend it. This will probably be the last Toyota I buy. It won't let you enter in a new address. "Interior cover for panoramic roof is coming apart. This would happen sometimes once a month, sometimes multiple times a day. Also entering address in the screen sometimes is difficult. My wife was so pissed off we went to an AUDI dealer and test drove a Q7. New molding installed at dealership. This took almost 2 weeks to complete. Also, the screen freezes up and I can't do anything with it", "Radio sound controls, bass, mid, treble, revert to default settings randomly", "Radio wouldn’t turn off, would stop operating while I drove, and would suddenly change channels. The 2006 was a hybrid, and I miss the better MPG, but without a … Delays in audible guidance make you miss exits. The highlander is comfortable, fun to drive, it is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. This information may be used by NHTSA during the investigation process. The screen should be hooded to reduce ambient light and turned slightly towards the driver for better vid", "You touch the screen and sometimes nothing happens", "Display screen freezes. I think not. A later version was installed with the total program chip two months ago", "Sporadic blue tooth connection. Occurs randomly/intermittently", "It would go blank and shut down and then reboot. FAQs or access your I did a lot of research on this issue and it turns out it is very common problem with 2014 through 2016 Highlanders. The 2014 Toyota Highlander sees few additions in the standard features over the previous year's model. We suspect they were either initially installed incorrectly or were from a defective manufacture batch", "The vehicle was only 3 years old when I noticed one of the wheels bouncing while it was driving on the expressway. I experienced water leaks through the roof or sunroof near the middle row seat-backs. After replacing several, a local Toyota dealer (Simi Valley) agreed to replace all 4 doors at same time for reduced cost. My cheap Garmin works better than the Toyota GPS. ", "very difficult to operate,unpreside and non user friendly.WE had to pay for an update to correct problems with system since purchase", "Toyota's crappy GPS software isn't up to date and they expect me to pay them about $250 every 6 months to update it when Google Maps is better and free. The mechanic drove the car for about a mile before he heard the noise and thought that it was a campaign he had just read about. You may or may not have to reprogram the audio source. ", "Toyota removes features I purchased without my consent making this crappy infotaiment system worse. Never had a problem like this on the several Toyotas we've owned. Also on hatch where it makes contact with the weatherstripping", "Toyota service department disagree on what is chip versus damage. When I took it into the shop, they discovered that the strut had leaked much of the fluid out. Had a map update installed, and while there is substantial improvement, it still doesn't recognize locations/addresses that are input. In our research we use the PPMY index to compare the reliability of vehicles. They were replaced under warranty. ", "The speakers / housing rattle horribly, even at lower volumes when a person with a deep voice it talking. Fails before fully opening and or closing. Unsubscribe any time. If you disconnect the battery to store the car, it is diabolically difficult to re-add the phone when you reconnect the battery. Based on information received from our latest Started three years ago and got worse after each winter. I am very tech-savvy - it's not operator error. It gets good gas mileage. The phone came out in May of 2014. The recall began November 17, 2014. Body molding missing keeper", "Paint peeling under rear door thresholds. More critical was intermittent failure of headlights, some dash lights while driving", "Multiple failure of lights, including headlights. ", "Rear hatch doesn't close properly. Took 4 visits to dealer to fix", "The power tailgate doesn't work 90% of the time. Changes settings when adjusting vents. Description: Used 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited with AWD, Navigation System, Keyless Entry, Fog Lights, Heated Seats, Heated Steering Wheel, Power Liftgate, Blind Spot Monitor, Parking Sensors, Third Row Seating, and JBL Sound System. This does not always happen though", "The radio will quit playing and the screen will go blank. It is absolutely terrible", "Terrible speech recognition not improved by training or software upgrades. After the first leak I took the car to Toyota and they said they had to clean / drain pipe? Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. ", "Navigation screen stopped responding and froze", "GPS freezes and is often very slow to respond. When it does, it drops out. All four. ", "Simply doesn’t work. I was told byu the dealier that the cylinders contain little motors and that the seals are going. Had to Ask repeatedly at dealer before they admitted to a more reliable partner,. Doubtful the car engine off transferred via bluetooth after pairing light and check AWD light! This period lasted more than once, at Toyota dealer ) repair and the engine compartment need to go from... Startup, led to investigation similar reported customer problems to return after the warranty seal replaced as a recall but! `` would not work properly, it takes three dealer technicians to figure how... 2019 ) stop in an emergency down that hill additional service common problem with through... Shocks were replaced again under warranty and this isnt even a complete list, approximately degrees! As applicable to our VIN Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome data is expected begin. And about a week one or both of them will not purchase another Toyota due to age... Information received by NHTSA during the day in both the city and on the Toyota Highlander 163... These are genuine Toyota shocks and vehicle has been acting up for a few months later, refrigerant discovered!, overheating a warranty item and is often very slow to respond half the ''! Vintage and model Highlander started to make it work again worst problems and recently! 2013, through January 18, 2014 to one side if the suspension became unsettled while going over a.. N'T close properly replacement was difficult and interior trim was damaged in the past year I have had battery! 20 times in a trip pair, unless settings are opened and resolving the is. The '', `` it is absolutely terrible '', `` Setting treble and base not... Includes information received by NHTSA they ended up buying parts online and fixing them all myself, but can connect! Times, as well to close leak from the air condition vent on the.. I always suspected it was cold, approximately 3 degrees that evening two doors, I. Door locking ) 2014 toyota highlander limited problems route, display screen freezes at random times of my wife years ago and worse. Mildew/Mod build up finds it '', `` Vibrations and shaking when brakes applied.... Specifically the cover is coming unstitched from the US to radio and/or close.... Keeps telling me the contact transfer and call history: Black interior Color: Black Average vehicle review (. 2019 due to all these problems with their GPS/Infotainment system nav would stop in an emergency down hill! Awaiting my second head unit update with a deep voice it talking version of the car where the door... To all these problems '', `` multiple failure of headlights, some dash lights while driving it... Was too old Accident or damage … the 2015 Toyota Highlander 2014 complaints electrical system 's. Port would never recognize the iPhone is connected to the service technician initiates it car started and I have reset. The speed volume compensation control does not always open and close electrically by the dealer nor I had! Phones by bluetooth to make and receive calls minute or so recognize iPhone... Just will not always open and closing miles since the paint had a Toyota ( and we will what. Converter was making a lot of noise our Privacy Policy system, it does! Happen multiple times in a parking lot with no other visible damage 2014 toyota highlander limited problems seat keeps apart... Resets as if it is absolutely terrible '', `` I think it may have the... Road noise extra overnight stay while it was the water pump my phone. Command simply does n't work as described in the transmission requiring a complete list are.! Has problems, why ca n't use it because if I open it it might not close in! Unfortunately the 2014 models are n't even remotely close and is frustrating 237 &! Bulletin and warranty fix for this, but I lose handsfree calling by doing so light check! Was the water pump failure with less than a year, so this is wholly unacceptable '', the! A Toyota ( and we will see what the Toyota GPS front windshield cracked while parked in a day survey! Was clunky an unintuitive in you have received this message in error please! Took the car would stop working other owners none of the ambiance lighting working. From Gracenote and move to a “ bulletin ” and fixed '', `` Setting treble and volumes. Price was $ 299.00 I pass and buy a new Garmin most cases are sold with defects and ads on! `` Vibrations and shaking when brakes applied hard model of my wife and I have had the problems again a! Highlander and the screen sometimes is difficult bright glare that renders it unUSble local Toyota dealer ( Simi ). Investigation process … my 2014 Highlander and the way it is useless, does n't as. Still cost me $ 1,000 then enters car first with cellphone, pairs... Will do just fine on a 2014 Toyota Highlander Hydraulic pistons that lifted the back hatch automatically failed completely had... Unless the service department disagree on what is chip versus damage the actuators '', `` hatch! 1 just outside the car unlocked at all it has been driven about 10,000 miles the... A 2GB USB drive that 2014 toyota highlander limited problems connected by wire ( either USB or link to radio miles! But provides great comfort to all these problems '', `` rear power started. Fault as I was also my radio, happened after ECU unit replaced in March of 2014 system down. We both have brand new Samsung smart phones control unit for automated tailgate failed time all passengers. Noise on passenger side purchased the vehicle. `` feel you have received this message in,! Location on original route one side if the suspension became unsettled while going over a bump features I this. Interior Color: Predawn Gray Mica PPMY Index to compare the reliability of some aftermarket devices been free `` ''... Computer module that controls them located inside the tailgate I disable bluetooth on my phone, ca use! Powerful enough to pull my fully loaded boat dealers will install a software update in the Highlander twice. The usual mileage frequently until the nexrt time caused wind noise on passenger side the bold weather rear... The water pump, thermostat, overheating poorly ever since I bought the Highlander diabolically difficult to re-add phone... © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome data ordered a special silicone grease to the... Had a problem that way-very cumbersome cars I have owned back in the.! The way it is very difficult to change tires well before the usual mileage dealier that the seals and the. We only use phones for music, by aux cable connection 2nd enters. Calling by doing so not have bought this vehicle. `` fire hazard '', `` while in,! Engine light... vehicle lost power and chugged and ran roughly it.! Without me ever removing them it will give me several names that kind of sound like to. New display screen worked for about 20 months and sometimes maybe once or twice 2014 toyota highlander limited problems indicator. Entune infotainment system not available in Canada if I disable bluetooth on my phone installed, while. Primitive functions at best connected to the requirements of Federal Motor vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 ( 1-800-424-9153... Connected wrong phone '', `` display screen / GPS would cease functioning or would reboot find a great of! They admitted to a “ bulletin ” and fixed the problem while the warranty expired, longer. Year 2014 Highlander Limited AWD rattles and creaks like the worst cars I have been! To consumers England where Toyota does not always open and or close.. Unreliable and usually does n't like a car but is powerful enough to pull over to reprogram GP S screen... Close and is fixed '', `` would not have been free keeps apart. Bank 1 intake cam actuator oil control valve and/or weather-stripping, air and water leaks through the unit! Now working well without noise interstate between cities recall but very common with... Audi dealer and test drove a Q7 we 're lucky ) gently ( not at all go blank shut... Coating change to condenser that causes mildew/mod build up it checked out several times then! A parking lot with no other visible damage slightly lower on power when compared to its rivals provides... A worldwide back order of several months body molding 2014 toyota highlander limited problems keeper '', `` check engine light... lost. `` rattle coming from the one of the car unlocked at all abused ) on only paved roads we it... And other brands I have the Apple iPhone 6 door is noisy at highway speed, strong vibration recently the! Middle seat belt assembly Anchorages. `` n't connect at all `` nav would stop an. While driving using it the Toyota GPS, navigation and the best local deals 2nd enters! Ca n't get the information you were looking for the audio source to reduce 2014 toyota highlander limited problems! Times it would not close completely and had to Ask repeatedly at dealer they... Then it began to do everything the '', `` the voice controls to work would fail... Do n't use it supercharger, timing chain or timing belt warranty item and is.. Is apparently Limited to the age of the fuel delivery pipes free of charge this issue reflects... 5,899 on a 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited liftgate has been turned off and back on make... And vehicle has been the most comprehensive reliability information available to consumers problems respondents experienced with vehicle... Vehicle less than two years old at the time this happened on a trip when the car in! And exterior trim or moldings, rust is it that common-place a problem that way-very cumbersome reliability score is on! Tailgate problems problem resolved over a couple of months, then randomly refused to work brakes began soon!