). I got my first tattoo last June and I wanted to use Jergens Natural Glow on my legs. Absolutely the right call not to fake bake. I stay away from mystic tan as it appears very orange on me. I used the Jergens Natural Glow leading up to my trip with Jergens to Maui, and it gave me the perfect glow to look as though I had always lived in Hawaii on the day I arrived! I totally looked at your old post earlier as I searched the sub for tanning tips before posting! Since most of the year is rainy, come summer I am super pale. My biggest concerns are looking orange/streaky or it rubbing off on my dress. A hydrating blend of ingredients, antioxidants, and Vitamin E keeps skin moisturized while enhancing your natural skin tone for subtle, streak-free color. My concern is that my dress is a very pale pink (almost white), and it'll be an outdoor summer wedding, so I'm worried the … I first used Jergens face cream and it seemed to clear my skin out very well and made my skin look really good for the first three days. Thankfully, it did not leave any streaks or obvious lines. This is a general men's grooming tips/advice and comments sub. If you’re like me, you love the tan look, but don’t want to get more wrinkles and UV exposure spending long periods in the sun. To be fair, the burn faded into the prettiest bronze-y tan I've ever had :P. I go to Planet Fitness where there are free tanning beds...I'm contemplating trying it out again, but we'll see. It’s dangerous, and if you don’t tan on a regular basis, these won’t be “natural” photos of what you normally look like. Another pale gal here (so pale I have to dilute the palest shade of foundation with pure white concealer so it matches), I don't tan at all, but my skin is quite adept at turning a lovely shade of lobster red at the slightest hint of sunlight. I ended up not spraying for my actual wedding after the really dark incident. ... so I post here on reddit. I'm worried about the product will damage my tattoo or make it fade. Spray if you want but nothing is worth doing permanent damage to your skin. I've also had about 5 spray tans done by a person, and all but one turned out great (and I think the bad one was my fault because I got really sweaty after). Jergens Natural Glow +FIRMING Self Tanner, Sunless Tanning Lotion for Fair to Medium Skin Tone, 7.5 Ounce, Anti Cellulite Firming Body Lotion for Natural-Looking Tan, Fresh 4.5 out of 5 stars 7,279 $8.29 $ 8 . I like the combo of a moisturizer and SPF that gives you a little “glow” and this formula boasts a progressive color when used once a day. They have a body and face one, and the face one is great too and is fine with my sensitive/acne prone skin. I tried applying while still wet and it left my feet and ankles uneven. You don’t need to be tan to look glowing or beautiful in your white dress. Has anyone used this product? 79. As someone who doesn't do natural brow, but more of an Instagram brow, I love it. Well Let's see where this will go. No vacation days required. Sometimes in a booth, sometimes with a person hand spraying. Does anyone have experience using this product on tattoos? I would try Jergens Natural Glow in Fair to Medium! I tested the Equate Healthy Glow and Jergens Natural Glow self tanners against each other: each morning for a period of ten days, I applied the Jergens on my left leg and the Equate on my right leg. I also decided it just didn't look like ME. I've gotten a spray tan maybe 3x in my life, so not a ton of experience, but I was always splotchy and fake looking, even when I did take all of the common precautions (exfoliate before, wait to shower, etc. Jergens Natural Glow. 24 comments. Edit: if you really want the color, I have seen some natural looking spray tans that I was told came from the automatic machine sprayer thingy :). This moisturizing daily moisturizer contains mica to give skin a subtle shimmer.

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