Upon getting revival successfully and freed from the World Item's mind-control, Shalltear was met with heavy criticisms each by one of her fellow Floor Guardians about what had been transpiring until now since her rebellion. from the story Overlord: Child of the Library by Tojamaru with 905 reads. You can help the Overlord Wiki out by improving it in a way that matches the wiki's layout guide and standards or simply providing a proofread and grammar check. Overlord - Floor Guardians. Title: [5], The Floor Guardians convened in the throne chamber of Nazarick. Headquarters Overlord Season 1 Episode 2 Grateful that they weren’t cast aside, the floor guardians experience the rule of their true master for the first time. Ainz Ooal Gown However, since Gargantua doesn't have a will of its own, Shalltear may hold that title in terms of intelligence. Overlord Episode 1 Overlord: 1x2. Overlord Chapter 1 Buy at Amazon. For that reason, all of them have the highest authority among the NPCs, and most of them (except Victim) are very powerful level 100 NPC. 236 notes. Victim has the appearance of a 1m long bright pink fetus with an angelic halo above his head and featherless stick-like wings on its back. Floor Guardians. The Floor Guardians witnessed Cocytus' plea to spare the lizardmen and proposed conquering them instead. Albedo is the Overseer of the Floor Guardians and a key figure within the Overlord series and has also become a staple when referencing the series.. RELATED: Cute But Deadly: The 10 Best Maids In Anime, Ranked She is a non-playable character who is madly in love with … Read Chapter 2: The Floor Guardians! After learning that Shalltear was possibly brainwashed by a World Item, Ainz opted to handle her himself. Debut Information 2. Since their original plan was to manipulate a noble to start a revolution in the Re-Estize Kingdom, thus forcing the weaken nation to request aid from the Sorcerer Kingdom and allow the latter to intervene. Thereafter, they are then informed by Ainz about what the enemy's Powered Suit was and its capabilities, telling the Floor Guardians that it posed no threat to them but the weaker NPCs. Cocytus then bequeath Ainz the title of Sorcerer King to mark the occasion.[11]. The Floor Guardians are unable to determine what to buy, as none of the markets have anything they want. Type Also, Maruyama stated that Demiurge can conquer the continent in about 5 years, though he isn’t exactly sure how much damage Nazarick will sustain in the process. Thus, do we offer up our utmost loyalty to the Masters." The group also brought the noble's handler, Hilma Cygnaeus to answer for this. Nazarick Guardian Momonga quickly assess the situation and works toward protecting the tomb from invaders while contemplating what he must do. For that reason, all of them have the highest authority among the NPCs, and most of them (except Victim) are very powerful level 100 NPC. It is a stone golem with a height of over 30m. Overlord (2015) s01e02 Floor Guardians - Sprawdź informację o tym odcinku: obsada, twórcy, galeria i forum odcinka. After the human was taken away to reflect, by Shalltear, the remaining Guardians discussed with Ainz what the motivations were for the noble. Watch "Overlord" The Floor Guardians online. Aura is a dark-elf capable of controlling magic beast and an expert in guerrilla warfare. Demiurge proposed they form their own nation and name Ainz Ooal Gown their king. [7], Whilst Ainz is completing a quest as an adventurer, the Floor Guardians hold a meeting to discuss what items they should request from their master as compensation. Shalltear was now in charge of transportation throughout the Kingdom and its affiliates; Mare was charged in maintaining the weather, building a new dungeon on the outskirts of E-Rantel and working with the Adventurer's Guild; Cocytus was now in command of the Sorcerer Kingdom’s army recruiting from the populace; Aura operated an early warning net that encompassed the borders of the Kingdom; And finally Demiurge, who was now in charge of an intelligence agency. Albedo makes a list of items they are interested in. After Ainz agreed to an alliance with Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix, the Guardians and their master convened for a private meeting. Overlord Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. History Talk (0) This category is the list of the Floor Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. [3], During the rebellion of Shalltear Bloodfallen, the Floor Guardians gathered in the 10th Floor of Nazarick to discuss how to deal with the situation. The female Guardians' lewdness earned them the ire of the Lion Golem which attacked them in the women's section, prompting the men to aid them. https://overlordmaruyama.fandom.com/wiki/Floor_Guardian?oldid=251498, Floor Guardians have personal bodyguards, estimated to be level 75, to guard them when they travel outside of. Floor Guardian "Overlord" The Floor Guardians subtitles Season: 1 - Episode: 2. Kaisō Gādian [6], To strengthen his bond with the Floor Guardians, Ainz invited Demiurge, Cocytus, and Mare to visit the Spa Resort In Nazarick. The Floor Guardians TV-MA | HD (1080p) | 2015 From the studio behind Death Note and No Game No Life Available Languages: Japanese and English More Details. The Floor Guardians and their master watches and discuss about the battle unfolding in different locations of the Re-Estize Kingdom, particularly what had transpired at the city of E-Naüru. In the next meeting, Ainz is shocked to find that the guardians converted the gold into tools as they refused to spend it as it came from him. 1x2 Floor Guardians Episode Summary Aired: Tuesday July 14, 2015 Grateful that they weren't cast aside, the floor guardians experience the rule of their true master for the first time.

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