1 History 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Weaknesses 3 Links and References 3.1 Discover and Discuss 3.2 Footnotes Joseph "Robbie" Robertson was a liberal journalist of The Negro World and was critical of racism in America, in which he especially criticized the Roosevelt Administration for being ineffective over this matter. [volume & issue needed], Robbie grew up in Harlem, and as a teenager was a classmate of Lonnie Thompson Lincoln, later infamous as the brutal hit man Tombstone. [7] Robertson had just finished work on The Color of Money, and arrived with nothing prepared except for a Gil Evans horn chart left over from The Color of Money and a recording he had made of a guitar riff accompanied by a tom tom drum. Stunned by this, Tombstone backs off. The Band er innlemma i både Rock and Roll Hall of Fame og Canadian Music Hall of Fame. [9], In the Age of Apocalypse reality, Robbie Robertson is editor of the Daily Bugle, which in this timeline is a clandestine paper dedicated to informing humans of the secrets of Apocalypse. U2's contribution is heard in the song "Sweet Fire of Love", a duet of sorts between Robertson and U2 lead singer Bono. When Doctor Doom came to New York City, J. Jonah Jameson said that the world needed more leaders like him. [2] Film producer Art Linson encouraged Robertson to focus on creating a solo record when the two vacationed together in Rome that same year. U2 was recording The Joshua Tree and Gabriel was recording So. While Tombstone has not abandoned his murderous ways, he has officially called off his vendetta on Robbie. [2] He has usually been a high-ranking editor at the New York newspaper, the Daily Bugle, and a close friend and confidant of publisher J. Jonah Jameson, acting as a voice of reason in Jameson's campaign to discredit Spider-Man. Chart History (Mainstream Rock Songs)", "77 - Robbie Robertson, 'Robbie Robertson, "Artists: Rod Stewart. Unable or unwilling to admit that he had gone too far in his hatred of Spider-Man, Jameson fires Robertson. [volume & issue needed], After Peter's "coming out", Robbie reveals he knew Peter was Spider-Man and stands up to J. Jonah Jameson after all these years about his treatment to Peter/Spider-Man. Ki nehiro iskwewiriwa okawia. Robbie is also the only Bugle employee who does not fear the wrath of his boss and is ready to stand up to him on editorial matters. ジェイミー・ロイヤル・"ロビー"・ロバートソン(Jaime Royal "Robbie" Robertson, OC、1943年 7月5日 - )は、カナダのミュージシャン、シンガーソングライター。 ザ・バンドのメンバーとして活動した後、1987年にソロ・デビューを果たす。 Robertson er bedst kendt for sin karriere som leadguitarist og sangskriver i The Band og for sin solokarriere som musiker.. Robertson er optaget i Rock and Roll Hall of Fame og den canadiske Music Hall of Fame som et medlem af The Band. [4], Joseph Robertson was born in Harlem. It also features contributions from another former Band member Garth Hudson. Though Robertson has been a professional musician since the late 1950s, notably a founder of and primary songwriter for The Band, this was his first proper solo album. It is focused on the famous jazz homeland section of New Orleans and on that part of the South in particular. Robbie is African-American, has grey hair and wears business clothes. [3], Released on October 26, 1987,[9] Robbie Robertson peaked at #35 on the Billboard 200, remaining in the Top 40 for 3 weeks. "Fallen Angel" is lyrically about Robertson's former bandmate Richard Manuel, who took his own life in 1986. [13], In the Ultimate Marvel universe, Robbie does not have much of a relationship with Peter due to the Bugle not being as big a role in Peter's life. Jaime Royal "Robbie" Robertson, OC (født 5. juli 1943) er en canadisk musiker, sangskriver, filmmusikkomponist, producer, skuespiller og forfatter. Han blev känd som gitarrist i det kanadensisk - amerikanska rockbandet The Band men uppträder numera som soloartist. Robertson had been devising a track entitled "Fallen Angel" about a soul passing into the next dimension. Robbie is served at his import company by Lance Bannon and Nicholas Katzenberg. Robbie Robertson discography From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is a comprehensive listing of official solo releases by Robbie Robertson, former lead guitarist and singer of The Band. The other track featuring U2 is "Testimony", again with vocals by Bono. Robbie Robertson is the Daily Bugle's city editor. He is killed by the Brood-infested Christopher Summers (the father of Scott, Alex and Gabriel Summers). [3][5] While Lanois was working with U2, he invited Robertson to come out to Ireland to work in the home studio where U2 were recording. He is part Jewish. Dylan wanted to meet. Robertson utilized Lone Justice lead singer Maria McKee as backing vocalist for these two tracks. The stories drew an exceptionally intense level of reader interest. Robbie serves as publisher when Jameson temporarily steps down. Their first son, Patrick Henry Robertson, died when he was only six months old. It was released in 1987. Robbie Robertson, OC (* jako; Jaime Royal Robertson; 5. července 1943, Toronto, Ontario, Kanada) je kanadský zpěvák, kytarista, skladatel, producent a herec.Byl zakládajícím členem skupiny The Band.V žebříčku 100 nejlepších kytaristů všech dob časopisu Rolling Stone se umístil na 78. místě. Their son Sebastian is a non-fiction children's author, and musician. Growing up in a working-class family and being a member of a racial minority, Robertson seemed to sympathize with the downtrodden, including Marvel Comics' mutants, and he preached tolerance. Hänet tunnetaan soolourastaan 1980- ja 1990-luvuilla sekä jäsenyydestään The Band -yhtyeessä 1960- ja 1970-luvuilla. Media in category "Robbie Robertson" The following 15 files are in this category, out of 15 total. Storyville is Robbie Robertson's second solo album. He was born on July 5, 1943 (age 74), in Toronto, Canada. His follow-up single there, "Fallen Angel" (also from the album), reached number 95. [8] During the later Goblin coup of New York, Ben attempts to arrange a meeting to talk Phil down and convince him to accept a cure for the Goblin formula, but when Robbie is discovered in the area, Phil believes that Ben was trying to set a trap and delivers a serious injury to Robbie before Spider-Man appears. [13], Robbie Robertson received overwhelming critical acclaim at the time of its release. The album includes contributions from the members of U2 and Peter Gabriel, both of whom were also working with Lanois at the time. [volume & issue needed], Tombstone is arrested and tried, thanks in part to Spider-Man. Home of the Inheritors(Earth-001)X-Men Forever(Earth-161)Age of Apocalypse(Earth-295)MC2(Earth-982)Joe RobertsonUltimate Universe(Earth-1610)Age of Sentry(Earth-1611)Crossoververse(Earth-7642)Spider-Man rescued Gwen Stacy(Earth-7736)Daredevil killed Kingpin(Earth-8982)Joseph RobertsonKraven killed Spider-Man(Earth-9009)Punisher killed Wolverine-Lord of the Vampires(Earth … [3] He is more friendly and supportive of Peter Parker as well as the other Daily Bugle staffers than the brash Jameson. As he was developing his chord sequence I recorded him and superimposed his storytelling, which I was secretly recording, on top. Robertson flew to Ireland in late August 1986, arriving in the aftermath of Hurricane Charley. Robbie Robertson è il primo eponimo album discografico in studio da solista del cantante canadese Robbie Robertson, pubblicato nel 1987. Preliminary discussions and preproduction for Robertson's first solo album began in autumn 1984. Peter eventually liberates the prisoners, but feels remorse for not getting to Robbie sooner. However he could not keep his secret forever and after Tombstone began killing people in New York, Robertson confessed to the police he had been a witness to Tombstone's ear… "[16], Rod Stewart recorded a version of "Broken Arrow" in 1991 for his album Vagabond Heart. [4], Robertson was signed to EMI Records by then head of A&R and longtime The Band fan Gary Gersh. Soon after, Robertson got a call from Dylan's manager, the legendary Albert Grossman. Robertson becomes the editor for Ben Urich's newspaper, Front Line. Breaking 20 years of silence, Robbie testifies against his old schoolmate in court. [citation needed]. [5] He soon realizes that is not going to happen, particularly after learning the DB was indirectly responsible for the death of several people shown on their paper from one of their scandals[6] and resigns. [4][5], Robertson kept an office on the property of the recording studio The Village Recorder in West Los Angeles, California, where he would work out ideas for the album. However, he rehires him shortly after. Created by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr., he first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #51 (August 1967).. Robertson was one of the first African-American characters in comics to play a serious supporting role, rather than act as comic relief. He contributed one song ("Breakin' the Rules") to Wim Wenders' soundtrack to his 1991 film, Until the End of the World.. So broken is Robbie's spirit that he halfheartedly goes along with a jailbreak. [volume & issue needed], During the "Brand New Day" storyline, where all knowledge of Peter Parker's marriage to Mary Jane has been erased by Mephisto and Spider-Man's secret identity has somehow been removed from the minds of everyone in the world, Jameson suffers a heart attack brought on by arguing with Peter Parker, and the Bugle is bought by Dexter Bennett, who turns it into a scandalous, muck-raking rag. Robbie once wrote an article for the high school newspaper about Lincoln's bullying and extortion, but spiked it after being threatened by Lincoln. After meeting up with several more potential producers, Robertson decided to work with Lanois because of their shared interest in experimentation. Joseph Robertson is from the Non MAU series Spider-Man.. Joseph Robertson is the Editor of the The Daily Bugle.. He found a little chord sequence with it that was sweet and wonderful. Many years later, Robertson got a job at "The Daily Bugle" first as city editor, then as editor-in-chief after J. Jonah Jameson's resignation. They'd actually come into my office concerned about what was going to happen to Robbie next. Robbie Robertson won the Juno Award for "Album of the Year", and producers Daniel Lanois and Robertson won the "Producer of the Year" Juno award, both in 1989 (there were no Juno Awards in 1988). Jaime Robert "Robbie" Robertson (s. 5. heinäkuuta 1943 Toronto, Ontario) on kanadalainen laulaja-lauluntekijä ja kitaristi. An alternate reality version of Robbie who shares Jameson's belief that Spider-Man is evil appears in the episode "I Really, Really Hate Clones". [volume & issue needed], Things came to a head when Robbie moved to defend the farmer's family from Tombstone, stabbing him with a pitchfork. Robertson's basic backing band included guitar player Bill Dillon, a friend of Lanois' who had also played for Ronnie Hawkins, as well as bass player Tony Levin, and Parisian drummer Manu Katché. Robertson also brought in The BoDeans to provide group vocals for some of the tracks on the album, most notably on "Showdown at Big Sky". Peter Gabriel sings with Robertson on this track. [14], "10 Things That Were Changed From THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Script", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Robbie_Robertson_(comics)&oldid=1001299387, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2013, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, A younger version of Robbie Robertson appears in the made-for-television film. Robbie Robertson was one of the first black characters in comics to play a serious supporting role, rather than act as comic relief. He used to perform in many carnival circuits. Disgusted at Jameson's disregard of all the times that Peter has saved his life as Spider-Man, Robbie angrily quits the Bugle and walks off with Gwen, assuring her that they will do all that they can to help Peter. In 2005 the album was reissued together with its follow-up, Storyville, as two-CD set, in an expanded edition, both with two bonus tracks. Joseph "Robbie" Robertson is a supporting character in Marvel Comics's Spider-Man series. [5] Engineer Bob Clearmountain was brought in to remix the album just before its release. All songs written by Robbie Robertson except where noted.[6]. Robertson loved the "ghosty, angelic sound" Gabriel achieved when stacking his vocals, and requested that Gabriel record background vocals for the song, which he agreed to. [4][6], Robertson also recorded at Bearsville Studios near Woodstock, New York, which was founded by his former manager Albert Grossman. However, when Tombstone attacks an interfering Spider-Man, Robbie regains his nerve and saves him. The couple was married in 1967. Unlike the Bugle's volatile publisher, J. Jonah Jameson, Robbie tries his best to remain objective towards Spider-Man. I had presented him with this instrument that [Brian] Eno introduced me to called the Suzuki Omnichord, like an electric autoharp. The character has appeared in several media adaptations outside of comics over the years, including films, animated series, and video games. Because of the popularity of the BoDeans in their home state of Wisconsin, "Showdown at Big Sky" received significant airplay on Milwaukee AOR radio. This ballad is not to be confused either with Chuck Berry's 1959 single or Buffalo Springfield's 1967 song of the same name, written by Neil Young. Musically, the song is notable for its guitar solo throughout as well as the instrumental conclusion. Robertson attributed the direction he was taking to the recent passing of fellow Band alumnus Richard Manuel, who had committed suicide in a hotel room in Florida in March 1986,[8] and dedicated the song to him. Main article: Along Came a Spider... Robbie was in Jameson's office, listening to the argument between him and Tony Stark over Captain America's being accused of betraying humanity by working with the Skrulls during the Secret Invasion. He met Verna's servant Ms. Drew at the docks to delivery barrels full of wine for a grand feast that the Inheritors had prepared from their hunt on the Spider Totems. He is the son of Rose Marie Chrysler and Alexander David Klegerman. Robbie and Tombstone fall out of the escape helicopter and land in a river near an Amish farm. Created by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr., he first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #51 (August 1967),[1] and has since endured as a supporting character of the wall-crawler. they'd ask". Robbie and Tombstone end up in the same cell block, where the hit man makes Robbie's life miserable. [5], The first producer Robertson considered for production of the album was fellow Canadian Daniel Lanois. Gabriel's contributions are heard on the song "Fallen Angel", which was dedicated to Richard Manuel, Robertson's former bandmate in the Band, and "Broken Arrow", which reverberates with Gabriel's signature Yamaha CP-80 electric piano. Their second son, Randy, is divorced. Robbie was a close personal friend of Captain George Stacy, and it has been implied, although not outright stated, that Robbie has deduced Spider-Man's secret identity, as Stacy did. 5 mikomini pisimw 1943 Toronto otenak. 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Joseph "Robbie" Robertson is a Marvel Comics character that appears in Spider-Man, voiced by Ernie Hudson. Robertson fleshed out some lyrical ideas inspired by the hurricane and the turbulent flight over, while Lanois worked with the members of U2 on extracting a musical concept from the guitar riff Robertson had presented to them. Though Robertson has been a professional musician since the late 1950s, notably a founder of and primary songwriter for The Band, this was his first proper solo album. Joseph "Robbie" Robertson is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, usually in stories featuring the superhero Spider-Man. Much of the album was recorded there. He was forced to practice what he preached when his son came home from college with his white Jewish wife, Amanda. Han vart rangert på 78. plass på Rolling Stone si liste over dei 100 største gitaristane gjennom tidene. [6], Lanois broke away from the album's production to continue working with U2 in August 1986,[7] while Robertson worked with director Martin Scorsese on creating and composing the score for the film The Color of Money (1986). At Bearsville Studios, Robertson worked on a version of "What About Now" that was withheld from the final release of the album, as well the track "American Roulette," which was inspired by a screenplay he had written. [4][5] BoDeans member Sammy BoDean created a faux female voice that was used on the chorus of "Somewhere Down the Crazy River". [13] The album was listed in the Top Ten Albums Of The Year by several of the critics in Billboard magazine's 1987 "The Critics' Choice" end of the year feature,[14] and in February 1988, the album was listed in Stereo Review magazine's "Best Recordings of The Month" feature. [20] Grateful Dead spinoff groups The Dead, Phil Lesh and Friends, and The Other Ones have also performed the song, each time with Lesh on vocals.[21]. Gabriel also provided keyboards on "Fallen Angel", as well as keyboards and drum programming on "Broken Arrow", a song which was inspired by Robertson's Native American heritage. Robbie Robertson; Quick facts . [10] Robbie Robertson produced several hits on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts, with "Showdown At Big Sky" coming in the highest (#2) and "Sweet Fire Of Love" the second highest (#7). [17] Stewart's version of the song was released as a single with an accompanying music video, and reached #20 on the Billboard 100 chart in the US[18] and #2 on the Billboard Top Canadian Hit Singles chart in Canada. The album won the Juno Award for "Album of the Year". "Robbie Robertson Active Again: Pursues Songwriting, Recording, Film, Cable Projects", "The Secret History of 'The Joshua Tree' (Part 1)", "Albums Released This Week (October 26 – November 1)", "Artists: Robbie Robertson. He is married to Martha and they have had two sons. Robbie has been employed there a number of years before Peter showed up. He told no one of the murder he witnessed. [volume & issue needed], Sometime after the DB's destruction, Jameson, as the Mayor of New York City, cashed in the DB shares he acquired from Bennett and gave the money to Robbie Robertson. [19], "Broken Arrow" was also performed live by the Grateful Dead from 1993 to 1995 with Phil Lesh on vocals. Robbie Robertson appears in the live-action, Robbie Robertson was included in the original script for the 2014 live-action film, Robbie appears in Spider-Man's ending for, Although he does not appear, Robbie is mentioned in, This page was last edited on 19 January 2021, at 02:35. After a lengthy sabbatical, Robertson announced via a 1983 article in Billboard magazine that he was returning and available to work on projects. Created by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr., he first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #51, and has since endured as a supporting character of the wall-crawler. Photo by Courtesy of TIFF “This is one of the most unusual stories of a band,” says Robertson, on the phone … Robbie Robertson and The Band. [4] The Band members Garth Hudson and Rick Danko also appear on the album, as do Ivan Neville (son of R&B singer Aaron Neville) and jazz bassist Larry Klein. Robbie Robertson, a famous and talented musician is currently single after a miserable split up with his wife, Dominique Bourgeois, a Canadian journalist. The judge, however, is on the Kingpin's payroll and circumstances lead to Robertson having to agree to serve 3 years himself for withholding evidence of the Philadelphia murder. He has usually been a high-ranking edito Bonus tracks on the 2005 expanded edition: ^shipments figures based on certification alone. Biography. Jameson asked Robertson to remake Front Line (which itself was on hard times) into the new Daily Bugle. [volume & issue needed], In What If Gwen Stacy had lived?, Robbie gives Gwen away to Peter at their wedding, but the wedding is ruined when Jameson appears; with the Goblin having mailed evidence of Spider-Man's true identity to Jameson, Jameson has published the story and now has a warrant for Peter's arrest. [22] This song is notable as Robertson's only solo hit in the UK, reaching number 15 on the UK singles chart. However, Robbie tried to convince Jameson that Doctor Doom was a tyrant to no avail. The couple had three children named Alexandra Robertson, Delphine Robertson, and Sebastian Robertson. Robbie is laid up for months as a result of this, but makes a full recovery, as his spine was not broken. [11] The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for "Best Rock / Vocal Album". Robbie Robertson pens about his music career in tragic memoir, "Testimony". He is frequently seen arguing with Jameson (usually aided by Ben Urich), though it rarely ends up in shouting, as it does in Earth-616. In addition, Tony Levin and Manu Katché, who were recording with Gabriel, are featured prominently on this record.[1]. Jaime Royal "Robbie" Robertson, OC, eg. Sam Llanas, from the BoDeans, provided the distinctive background vocals on this song, The BoDeans' Kurt Neumann and Llanas contributed backing vocals to "Somewhere Down the Crazy River" and "American Roulette". Robbie Robertson is the solo debut album by Canadian rock musician Robbie Robertson, released in 1987. Robbie Robertson was created by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. Robbie was seen at the Daily Bugle when Tony Stark visited J. Jonah Jameson. Robbie Robertson won the Juno Award for "Album of the Year", and producers Daniel Lanois and Robertson won the "Producer of the Year" Juno award, both in 1989 (there were no Juno Awards in 1988). Robertson brought in drummer Terry Bozzio after Katché had to return to Paris. Gerry Conway's run on The Spectacular Spider-Man and Web of Spider-Man expanded Robertson's back story with a dark history involving the hit man Tombstone which continues to haunt Robertson in the present. Robbie receives a pardon for his efforts to protect the Amish family, and resumes work at the Daily Bugle. 'He's not going to jail, is he?' [7], After Phil Urich is exposed as the new Hobgoblin, to protect the Daily Bugle's reputation, Robbie benches Ben Urich until this situation blows over and fires Phil's ex-girlfriend Norah Winters. [3] Robertson then began conceptualizing the idea, starting with creating a setting called "The Shadowland" where the songs in the album would take place. Robbie Robertson is the solo debut album by Canadian rock musician Robbie Robertson, released in 1987. Years later, while working as a reporter in Philadelphia, Robbie witnessed Lincoln murder one of Robbie's contacts. Robertson imagined The Shadowland to be a mythical place "that moves around according to [the] clouds that cover [it]", and imagined himself to be a wanderer who would narrate the events that would take place in this mythical locale. In the 1980s, the character's backstory was explored, revealing a past conflict with the supervillain Tombstone, with whom he attended high school; these stories were well received by readers and contributed to greater interest in his character. Later, Robbie's family, and Glory Grant, are outraged that Octavius did not stand trial, as he was doing government research. James Royal Robertson (Toronto, Canadà, 5 de juliol de 1943), més conegut com a Robbie Robertson, és un músic, compositor, actor i productor, cèlebre pel seu treball com a guitarrista i principal compositor del grup de rock The Band i per la seva carrera en solitari. Robbie Robertson Kanata ki taci nitowakiw. When asked about the inspiration for album's single "Somewhere Down the Crazy River", Lanois commented, "Robbie Robertson was describing what it was like to hang out in Arkansas with Levon Helm in his old neighbourhood. Robertson and U2 lead singer Bono then improvised a set of lyrics in the studio while the band's instrumentalists played behind them, creating a 22-minute track that was edited into the song "Sweet Fire of Love". This adventure also features Richie Robertson, Robbie's grandson. Han er mest kjend som gitarist og den viktigaste låtskrivaren i The Band. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Robbie Robertson is the solo debut album by Robbie Robertson. Tombstone hunts Robbie down and breaks his back with his bare hands. The couple first met in Paris while he was touring with his bandmates.Robertson lived in Los Angeles with his ex-wife and children. After Lanois finished a stage of the production work with U2 on what would become their album The Joshua Tree, Robertson let Lanois know that he was ready to begin work on the album. Robbie, though disapproving, decides to stay, hoping Bennet will get better. He is best known as the lead guitarist for the rock band, The Band.

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